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Our story began as a need in search for high quality, unique and elegant styles  that were affordable. Our passion and need for classic elegance and classy styles brought our vision to life.

Our products bring together stunning design to create something very special. In our collections we integrate everyday styles, from business outfits to leisure casuals, always with elegance and class in mind.

Besides providing great quality and unique elegance we want to make sure you feel like this is YOUR shop, therefore customer service is a big priority for us. We monitor each order until we know you have received it and are 100% satisfied. We make sure to be available as long as we can throughout the day, so please don't hesitate to chat or contact us via email, we love to hear from you!

Our Partners

We carefully select women boutiques, whose priority is to create unique, classy styles with high quality in mind. Most of our partners are  located in Poland, Italy, UK, Spain, US and China.  Each have an ideal costumer, we bring them together to provide a classic diversity in every collection. 

From time to time we bring unique accessories, that we think are perfect for gifting. These accessories are picked for their quality, uniqueness and beauty. Most of these are from US companies whose goal is to bring high quality and authenticity.

About Us
About Us

We want you to find "Femininity and Elegancy in a Classic Edition" 



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Atlanta, Georgia USA / Hemel Hempstead, UK


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